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Transcription companies

Script Almost provides customized solutions to all your transcription requirements for a service rate of $1.50/min of the audio content.

We also give a free trial offer that lasts for 5 minutes to all our new customers. Upload your file and avail our professional services!

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Legal Transcription Services

Script Almost is a transcription company that provides extraordinary transcription services to the clients in all major languages of the world. Our Legal Transcription Rate is fixed at $1.50/min. We have a huge language base and opulent resources to offer best transcription services. Script Almost is one of the best legal transcription companies in the industry. We offer one of the cheapest Legal Transcription Rates. 

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Legal Transcription is one of the prioritized services that is offered by our company. It is a very important transcription service that has a large impact on the legal cases that regards with maintaining law and order in the place. So our company takes immense care in providing the legal services. We can supply you with company and notary certifications of our service if you require. Also, the final result can be sent as a hard copy by mail if needed.

For more information about bulk order offers and other transcription services, contact immediately through our TOLL FREE NO 1-888-535-5668. You can also use INSTANT CALL BACK and ONLINE CHAT options.


Legal Transcription Companies

Script Almost is one of the leading legal transcription companies having its presence in countries like Canada, UK, USA, Philippines, and many others. We are ISO certified with an expert team to handle our projects with 98% accuracy and confidentiality. The files uploaded in our websites are secured with SSL encryption and are protected with utmost care.


Audio and Video File Formats

We accept and deliver audio and video file formats such as AVI, M4A, MSV, MP2, MP4, WMV, AMR, CAF, MP3, DDS, MOV, WAV, DVD, FLV, DVF, WMA, CD, AIFF/AIF, and more.


We also offer other language transcription services such as Thai Transcription, American Transcription, Cherokee Transcription, Australian Transcription, Turkish Transcription, Tibetan Transcription, Serbo Croatian Transcription, Latin Transcription, Cantonese Transcription, Cambodian Transcription, Yiddish Transcription, Hebrew Transcription, Mandarin Transcription, and many more.


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